stuff i like

Top/Forever Interests
OCs, No.6, Pokemon, Cats

BNHA, HxH, D. gray man, bokumachi, FMA, Servamp, Doubutsu no Kuni, Kagerou project, Donten ni Warau, Naruto, Gachaman Crowds, Tokyo Ghoul

Video Games
Pokemon, Okami, Yoshi, Animal Crossing, Zelda (Wind Waker) Nintendo, FNAF, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Spyro (original & legend), Kirby, Stardew Valley, DMO

Favorite Movies
Felidae, Leafie! a hen into the wild, Mune Guardian of the Moon, The Little Prince

Cats, Felines, Felids, Kirins, Hyenas, Bugs, Whales, Sharks

Water, Lakes, Rivers, Plushies, Collecting, Soft Blankets, Cat Figurines, Vulture Culture, Psychohorror, Indie Horror

Horror Movies, IRL Gore, Rude Assholes, Tumblr/Callout Culture, Liars,